Black panther 2018

black panther

Black panther:
For 10 years now, the MCU is simply a special phenomenon. Once an idea is launched by Marvel Studios, it is normal that in the end we are as much film in one universe.

Obviously, when Marvel announces the release of a movie about the adventures of a superhero, we tend to ask ourselves questions: what will be the scenario, who will be the enemy / allies in the story and obviously who will be the hero of the poster. After the three films released in 2017: The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok is therefore Ryan Coogler's Black Panther that starts this new year. This film released recently, is part of a logic of continuation and openness. A black director, a black cast, a shooting in a black country and a black suit enough to have a film very different from the other productions of Marvel Studios.
black panther
About the story :
A long time ago in a galaxy far ... far away ... a meteorite covered with a metal fell on the planet earth in the heart of Africa. This metal, the vibranium, is a material that the African people coveted with greed. This African people decided to divide themselves into several clans and choose a leader who would rule them all. Among these clans, four decided to rule in this way, but not the fifth who thought to rule the whole world. the other clans decided to hide this place from the eyes of thinking people.
black panther
About the movie in general :
The big problem with this film is that the script is the same as Captain America's: Civil War. A key moment occurred in the past and will have an impact on the present. However, this film is much better than Ragnarok.
As for the budget of the film, we are not surprised that he seized the first place of the box office the day of its release with these sets, these costumes, make-up really coming from the African culture. more of its special and visual effects.

Black Panther Trailer:

To conclude on this new film Marvel, he lets himself be seen anyway. We are just a little disappointed with the scenario. In the end, an enemy who challenges the people of Wakanda and who claims a settlement, a most basic plan among Marvel enemies. A falling hero who gets up. Black Panther ends with two post-generic scenes of little importance. Obviously, he will come back in the next Avengers movie.

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