iPhone X: why even Apple fans have not bought

iPhone X: why even Apple fans have not bought
The iPhone X did not sell as well as hoped and its production had to be slowed down. Even Apple fans have not rushed to the last flagship of the brand. A phenomenon explained by the results of a survey conducted by an analyst. It appears that the iPhone X often seems too expensive in the eyes of consumers and that its screen is sometimes considered too small.

L’iPhone X Plus sera le plus grand smartphone jamais créé par Apple !  Selon nos confrères de Bloomberg, le successeur de l’iPhone X Plus sera équipé d’un immense écran de 6,5 pouces d’une résolution de 2688 x 1242 pixels. En plus de ce modèle premium, Apple va aussi commercialiser une déclinaison low cost de son iPhone X. 

iPhone X: a smartphone too expensive and a screen too small?
The first criterion advanced by iPhone users to justify the lack of purchase of the iPhone X is rather flattering for Apple: 44% of respondents believe that the iPhone they already have in their possession "works well For now and so there is no need to change in their case. Previous generations of iPhone had sold well.

The other reasons given by respondents are less glowing. 31% of them believe that the iPhone X was too expensive and that the price prevented its purchase. A figure not to be taken lightly. Almost a third of the sample shares this view, which does not mean anything when we know that they are all already in possession of an iPhone and so they already accept the idea that Apple is a very expensive brand base. But the symbolic bar of 1000 euros crossed was even right of some regulars of Apple products.
Finally, 8% of the answers concern the size of the screen, considered too small by some users. These could be satisfied by the next iPhone planned by the Cupertino company. The iPhone X Plus will be the largest smartphone ever designed by Apple with a slab of 6.5 inches and a resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels.
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