Battle Dogs game that will make your experience real

Battle Dogs : Mafia War Games Gameplay Android - fight for control of Beverly Hills. Use modern weapons, transform into a powerful mutant, destroy the enemies.

Battle Dogs is a game that will make the gaming experience real with its massive map inspired by Beverly Hills, California. With its streets, cars, people and places smelling of America, waiting to be discovered by you. With an adventurous screenplay and characters showing her identity, the adventure will keep you stuck on the screen. Decision stations that will lose your pulse There are pipes that will make you turn into a mysterious creature and be brought to Beverly Hills illegally.

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A huge open world inspired by a real city, Think of a big city where you will be lost with high quality graphics and unique aspects. Live a simple life, go on trips, shopping or swimming. It is up to you. Looting, working with the mafia, stealing and selling cars, becoming a creature and creating chaos in the city is also up to you.

⚫ English dubbing is performed by popular vocal actors in their countries. Translations are available in English, Turkish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.Custom control experience meets your requirements 100% You control the shooting as you want using auto-aim and First Person Mode. Answer calls and collect new tasks without arranging them and completing the tasks you want! Increases money and diamonds! There are no vehicles you can not use, get any car you want and drive them as far as you want. You can try going to the city center with a tank or you can get lost in the blue sea. Fly from secret sections with motorcycle, supermodels and luxury cars in the city! In short, everything is in your hands, do what you want to do!There are wars where there is money! This game is designed only for those who love open world games, gang wars, clans, gangster games and mafia. Those who can not afford the adventures of this game may not enjoy it

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         - Name Game: Battle Dogs: Mafia War Games
         - Developer: Roostar Games
         - Version: 1.0.9
         - Update: 24 Nov 2017
         - Size: 117 Mb
         - Internet: Offline

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